With the Aroslim we’ve created an aroma diffuser which is powerful yet slim, the stunning design features intuitive fragrance intensity controls . Simple, Silent and Slim.

A scent system for any space

With a coverage of up to 21,000 ft3 (650m3) the Aroslim is the ideal solution for banks, retailers and smaller hotel lobbies. Thanks to its understated looks, stylish anodized aluminum body and plug & play ability the Aroslim is also a great fit for office receptions, fitness clubs or even for homes.

A scent system for any space<br />

Easy one touch scenting

The Aroslim is designed to make scenting at your business or home effortless. Easily change fragrance strength with the touch of a button with six different strength settings to select from.

The Aroslim’s slender and stylish form complements its simplistic operation. Insert an Air Aroma fragrance cartridge of your choice, set the strength and revitalize the air.

Silver or Black

The Aroslim is available in 2 classic colours, ready to fit into any interior. The smooth anodised aluminium finish exudes quality as well as being corrosive and wear resistant.

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