Buyer Beware

Buy genuine Air Aroma products.

There are Air Aroma counterfeit products currently in circulation on the market. Founded in 1999, we are the original creators and manufacturer of all Air Aroma branded products, including Aromax, Aroscent, Ecoscent, Aroslim, Arodrive, Arologic, Arobalance and a large variety of Fragrances.

Air Aroma scenting devices and fragrances are of the highest quality; they meet or exceed all the International Fragrance Association standards and regulations of safety and quality. All our products and technology are patented. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact Air Aroma International in order to identify the origin of the goods.

Don’t be fooled

There are fake Air Aroma representatives that attempt to deceive consumers into believing they are paying for original Air Aroma products and luxury branded goods. Check their contractual and distribution rights. All official distributors are listed on our website on the Locations page. If they are not listed they are not our Distributors.

Beware of fake Air Aroma distributors using:

  • The Air Aroma name, logo and brand
  • Fake Air Aroma business cards
  • False Air Aroma quotations and stationary

The blacklist (avoid these companies)

The following companies are NOT AUTHORIZED distributors of Air Aroma products or fragrances.

Air Aroma Scenting Pte
At Aroma Co. Ltd. - @aroma Co.

The approved list

You can find the list of approved Air Aroma distributors on our locations page; Search authorized Air Aroma dealers in your region or country here: Locations

The risks:

Using non-approved fragrances and products, can lead to:

  • Void warranty and damage to scent machines
  • Dangerous and unregulated fragrances, potentially harmful for your customers, staff and the sustainability of your company.
  • Poor fragrance quality and fragrance strength
  • Higher consumption rates, resulting in higher monthly scenting fees.
  • Hazardous and faulty installation.

Taking action

Air Aroma International takes consumer safety seriously. Our organisation works hard to protect consumers and the Air Aroma brand. It is our policy to investigate all information we receive about fake products and unauthorized representatives. Air Aroma will take legal action where required against people involved in these illicit activities. You can contact us with any information you may have on our contact page.


If you are not sure please contact Air Aroma through the contact page on this website.