Clean lines, quality finishes and great colours describe one of Air Aroma's bestselling product ranges, the Aroscent range. Thanks to its cold-air diffusion technology built into a body of smooth anodized aluminum the Aroscent range is one to be seen and smelled.

Whether you are looking for complete portability (Aroscent Portable) or a more permanent fixture (Aroscent Wall), the Aroscent range enables professional scenting in hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, retail outlets, hospitals and many others.



Aroscent Portable

The Aroscent Portable is designed for those who require flexibility. The handle allows the Aroscent Portable to be moved easily wherever it is needed giving you ultimate freedom. The Aroscent portable is ideal for exhibitions, food stalls and retail environments.

Aroscent Wall

With the same sleek design and scent coverage capabilities as the Aroscent Portable, the Aroscent Wall is the stylish option for a wall-mounted scent delivery solution. The Aroscent Wall compliments any interior making it an ideal product for hotel and retail environments.

Aroscent Portable and Aroscent Wall


  • Arologic Ready

  • Built-in Timer

  • Plug & Play

Great colours

The Aroscent is available in 6 brilliant colours, now all you have to do is pick one. Matching the Aroscent to your interior has never been easier.

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