Entice guests with scent at your next event.


Scented events

Scent has the power to transform an event or special occasion, creating a truly unforgettable experience. From corporate events to museum exhibits, trade shows, exhibitions, and weddings, scent can capture the attention of your audience like no other medium.

A scented booth at your next trade show can entice attendees to stop and take notice, sparking curiosity while encouraging interaction with your brand. Visitors that experience the scent in connection to your brand will form a lasting memory association with your business. With Air Aroma’s patented cold-air diffusion technology it is not only possible to add scent to the physical environment, but also create interactive touch points. These interactive exhibits or displays can add another layer of intrigue to your business.

We offer custom designed scent solution packages for events depending on the client needs. Full service packages are available with scent stand design consultation, development of a signature scent, and technical installation available for tailored setup. Also available is a short-term rental of our easy to use stand-alone diffusers for self-setup at your own booth or event. Inspire interaction with a fragrance that amplifies a specific theme, flavour, destination, or utilise your brand fragrance to create a cohesive scent identity strategy across all platforms. Air Aroma is highly experienced in a wide variety of venue environments including both inside or outside and can tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget.

“Ambient scent improves both recall and recognition of familiar and unfamiliar brands”

(Morrin and Ratneshwar 2003).

Lasting memories

Fragranced events create a lasting memory association through scent. Air Aroma has designed signature scents and scented promotional items for product launches, weddings, parties, red carpets, and award ceremonies, creating scents that bring back memories of that special time. In performance art or musical theatrical events, adding a fragrance to your show helps to fully immerse the audience into your production. A better audience experience leads to better reviews. Air Aroma fragrances are even used in Cirque du Soleil performances creating the ultimate sensory experience.

Scents that tell a story

Air Aroma designs one off signature scents that tell story of a brand, product or individual.

Scent Memories

A unique signature scent has the ability to trigger memories of your brand

Add scent to your event

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