Fairmont & Air Aroma Launch Custom Candles

30 October, 2023

Fairmont & Air Aroma Launch Custom Candles

Fairmont Hotels recently launched custom branded candles in their signature scents designed by Air Aroma. The Fairmont candles were created in collaboration with Air Aroma to reflect the shared values of both brands including refined design, sustainability, and environmental awareness. With a sleek reusable vessel and distinct signature fragrances, the candles are a special gift to bring the Fairmont experience home and cherish the memory of a stay in one of the world’s finest resorts.

The elegant candles include a custom ceramic vessel design in either black or white with the embedded Fairmont logo, creating a sophisticated profile and clean appearance. Nontoxic and clean burning with a wood wick, they produce less soot than cotton wicks and melt the wax more evenly.

When burning, the wick produces a soft crackle sound that resembles a fireplace, adding an auditory element that is soothing and nostalgic. This is caused by the flame interacting with the molecules of the wood, echoing a naturally occurring sound that is reminiscent of the outdoors. The gentle ambiance of lighting a candle is further enhanced by the added dimension of a soft natural sound, while the quality of the Fairmont fragrances provide a soothing tone that seamlessly fill the space.

Air Aroma has been the exclusive scent supplier for Fairmont brand globally for over ten years. Two brand exclusive signature scents were developed in 2018 as a new brand initiative, and the process took over 18 months to complete. The collaboration produced the world’s first sustainable fragrances designed for ambient scenting within the hotel industry.

Fairmont Classic Black and Fairmont Iconic White signature fragrances have a warm and woody profile that speak to the luxury comfort of the Fairmont brand globally. The two fragrances provide a nuanced direction applicable to different cultures and climates, such as classic architecture in Québec City, Canada or modern resort style in Dubai. This ensures the fragrances are complementary to their environments and complete the Fairmont scent brand experience worldwide.

The fragrances provide a sincere warm welcoming experience for the sophisticated traveler. Fragrance ingredients were tastefully balanced and blended to create rich multi layered woody signature scents, with notes including vanilla, fir balsam, patchouli, cedar, dark chocolate, and sandalwood.

Specific ingredients were sourced from farming communities that positively impact their local culture, like Vanilla sourced from Madagascar and Patchouli sourced from Indonesia. By fostering relationships with the farmers behind the scent ingredients, Fairmont & Air Aroma help to enrich the farming communities, providing stability and support through fair pricing structures and health and education programs. Materials were responsibly sourced with consideration to the environment and support the people behind the production.

Careful consideration was put into every aspect of the scent and candle designs to ensure the final products met Fairmont’s high standards. The wood wick and wax meet sustainable guidelines with their components and production, including responsible sourcing and manufacturing. The outer protective packaging is biodegradable cellophane, which is made with plant cellulose and is compostable. With a simple and sleek design, the candle vessel can be repurposed into a household good such as a planter, catchall, or cup. Once the candle wax is depleted, simply place the candle into the freezer so the leftover wax is more easily removed.

The signature Fairmont candles create a more immersive, indulgent brand experience and strengthen guest connection to the luxury hospitality brand. The candles can be purchased on the Fairmont hotel webstore or in Fairmont hotels around the world.

Air Aroma is a global scent marketing agency, with over 20 years of experience in designing fragrance and offices in over 80 locations around the world. We work closely with brands to develop one-of-a-kind signature scents that create unique and memorable experiences for the brand’s customers. These fragrances, designed exclusively for each brand, are carefully crafted to reflect the overall aesthetic of the environment, reflecting the brand and creating a unique scent logo for the property.