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Scenting solutions for transport

Scenting in the transport industry started as early as 1959 with the Parisian metro introducing the scent of carnation into their trains to increase comfort and well-being. Today scenting has become increasingly important to many businesses, as they understand the value of customer loyalty and brand awareness. Whether the aim is to provide an added sense of luxury to your brand, create a relaxing environment for anxious and stressed travelers or to promote a clean, hygienic and inviting space for passengers, scenting can offer the solution.

Air Aroma is a world leader in scenting solutions tailored to our clients needs. Our patented technologies along with HVAC (scenting through ventilation/air conditioning systems) enable us to provide unique scenting solutions to a broad range of clients.

Brand associated fragrances

Scent marketing has become an important part of the branding strategy for many businesses. Air Aroma has developed signature fragrances for P&O Carnival Cruises and Qantas Lounges. Each has a unique fragrance specifically chosen and designed to enhance the brand experience for their customers. Qantas have selected and identified the benefits linked to scenting such as customer retention, competitive advantage and innovation. Carnival Cruises aims to provide a unique experience through scent and selected a brand associated fragrance that will remain in the customer memory for the years to come.

Our specializations include metro station/carriage scenting, cruise ship scenting, airport lounge scenting and airplane scenting. Through our large distributor network and range of products we are able to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and types.

Fragrance fact

Scientific research confirms scenting essential oils like lavender benefits in terms of mood regulation and stress reduction

Scenting benefits

  • Relaxing environment

    Scenting reduces stress and anxiety in waiting lounges for those nervous travellers.

  • Sense of luxury

    Scenting specific areas like business and first class adds value and prestige to the customer experience.

  • Quality and comfort

    100% pure essential oils are derived from the essence of plants. Therefore they carry the health and cleansing properties of those plants.

Featured clients

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines



Indian Railway

Indian Railway

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