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As a retail leader you understand the importance of good customer service and realize that a large portion of this is achieved through the in-store experience. Your store layout optimizes product presentation, the color and style of your décor compliments your brand and works in combination with in-store lighting and audio. Imagine being able to enhance your brand on every sensory level. Imagine if you could continue connecting with customers long after you've closed your doors. You can, through the use of scent.

A lasting impression

Air Aroma's Aroscent is the perfect solution for retail outlets as it is ideal in small to medium spaces. Its sleek design combined with cold-air diffusion technology mean you are not only getting a stylish product but one that maintains the quality of the fragrance during diffusion. Our scent delivery systems also apply flat-line diffusion, which guarantees a constant level of scent regardless of the quantity of fragrance left in the cartridge compared to other scent methods on the market.

Retailers are seeing positive results in their bottom line with customers lingering longer in retail stores that have implemented scent branding. Let us help you create a unique retail experience with the use of a signature scent that captures the essence of your brand and engages your target market. It will become a lasting experience imprinted in people's memories long after they visited your store.

Fragrance fact

Experiments in a fashion store revealed that sales doubled when 'feminine scents' such as vanilla were sprayed in the women's clothing sections.

Scenting benefits

  • Brand recognition

    Research confirms scenting ambient scent improves brand memory and leads to customer loyalty.

  • Browsing longer

    Floral and citrus scents have a positive affect on browsing longer and spending more.

  • Memorable experience

    Research confirms that we are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell than something we see, hear or touch.

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