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Smell amplifies taste

Stimulating the sense of smell to buy products is not a new concept for those in the food industry. Bakers and Patisseries have been using these techniques for many years. They understand that smell amplifies taste and the use of these smells can attract an otherwise reluctant customer. Studies show the sense of smell is the most powerful stimulus known and often provoke a strong emotional response meaning customers are more likely spend on impulse.

Scenting solutions for food and beverages

Food aroma's to entice customers is not always possible. Packaged, canned or refrigerated food cannot be smelled so scenting can be introduced which resembles the food to complete the experience. Grocery stores are also applying these techniques as modern refrigeration has eliminated the aromas that in the past let customers know that their produce was ripe and bread was fresh. While these advances helped greatly in promoting health and reducing spoilage, they also eliminated the wonderful smells that tantalized shoppers' palates and assured them of good quality.

Choose a noticeable scent to create a memorable experience and lasting impression. Air Aroma's extensive range of premium aroma oils are designed to suit any environment from department stores and grocery outlets to cinemas and food outlets. Attract your customers with fresh and fruity fragrances of apple or mango or tempt them with mouthwatering scents of chocolate or coffee. Air Aroma has a food fragrance to suit your need.

Fragrance fact

When the aroma of baked bread was released in a US supermarket, sales in the bakery section increased threefold.
(Hirsch, 1995, IJA)

Scenting benefits

  • Powerful promotion

    A promotion stimulated by smell can be the most effective as it allows you to tap into the most powerful stimulus known and it can be more cost effective than other marketing forms.

  • Emotional connection

    Diffusion of quality food smells can make your customers reconnect with the product on display and enhance sales.

  • Amplifying power

    Smell amplifies the sense of taste like no other sense which is an essential ingredient for food sales.

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