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Scenting your entertainment venue

The worlds leading entertainment venues, casinos, bars and nightclubs aim to create a pleasant environment and enhance the experience of their visitors. This is a difficult task when they are under constant attack from the unpleasant smells of cigarette smoke, food, alcohol and body odors.

Scenting these venues with 100% pure essential oils has the benefit of eliminating bad odors rather than simply mask them like other products on the market. Air Aroma's 100% pure essential oil blend Bergamot Orange is a popular choice to refresh your venue or gaming lounge as it has proven to create a satisfying and lively ambience.

Proven success with scent

The integrity of the oils is guaranteed by Air Aroma's precision-mist diffusion systems utilizing cold-air technology while maintaining the efficient release of aromas into any sized location. The sleek designs of the diffuser systems or HVAC (scenting through air conditioning ventilation) option also provide adaptability to any décor or environment.

Scenting not only helps get rid of nasty smells but creates an atmosphere which is clean and puts visitors in the right mood, calming or uplifting. Scent marketing is applied with great success in the entertainment industry all over the world. Studies have shown that some scents can help casinos to increase their revenues by up to 20%. Other studies showed that visitors rated their evenings better and lengthened their stay. Not just visitors and guests will benefit but personnel and staff will benefit from a cleaner and more pleasant environment.

Fragrance fact

Trials in a USA casino showed gambling revenue increased by 48% with the introduction of certain aromas.
(Hirsch, 1995 IJA)

Scenting benefits

  • Odor removal

    Essential oils eliminate bad odors rather than simply mask them, including cigarette smoke.

  • Increased spending

    A study of Las Vegas slot players showed they spent 45% more in a scented environment than those in an unscented one.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Scent marketing can improve customer satisfaction by 7% and lengthen stay in shop by 54%
    (Prof dr Anla Stohr)

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