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Scenting your car dealership

Whether you are a car dealer or car manufacturer, your objective is to market your brand effectively and strengthen the relationship with your consumer. The competitive nature of the automobile industry has forced dealerships to look for new marketing strategies like scent marketing to enhance the customer experience. Scenting aims to create an ambience in the showroom and strengthen actual feelings and emotions in the store whilst at the same time expressing and capturing the values of the brand.

The ultimate sales experience in the luxury-car market exhibits style and elegance and scenting offers a new standard of customer care. Aroslim by Air Aroma is a popular choice for those in the car industry as it blends in with any décor through its understated look and sleek anodized aluminum body. To allow consumers to take more home than just their new car, we offer the option to on sell the Arodrive. Designed to suit any car interior and created to freshen up any drive, your customers will be sure to remember you.

Scent solutions

Born from an unrelenting pursuit of quality, style and innovation, Air Aroma sets the benchmark for scent solutions in car showroom environments. Aston Martin Shanghai is not only special due to the distinctive and individualistic sports cars but with the help of Air Aroma they now offer a subtle fragrance for a more memorable experience. The showroom's light fragrance helps to create the feel of a more spacious environment.

Mercedes Benz and Air Aroma collaborated to offer clients a unique experience with seasonal changes in fragrances perfectly matched to represent summer or winter with hints of rainforest or bamboo.

Fragrance fact

The human sense of smell affects 75% of daily emotions and plays an important role in memory

Scenting benefits

  • Brand recognition

    Scenting creates a unique and lasting impression with customers and adds value to your brand.

  • Prolong stay

    Customers experiencing a pleasant scent feel relaxed and comfortable and therefore likely to browse longer.

  • Emotional connection

    Smell is the most basic and direct sense and creates an emotional response from customers and can influence mood, memory and emotions.

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