Announcing Aropromo!

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Air Aroma is excited to announce our newest product, Aropromo! The point-of-sale scent device is the newest way Air Aroma is helping your company to draw in business and set yourself apart from the competition. Point-of-sale scenting allows you to enthral and entice customers with a multi-sensory campaign.

The compact scent delivery system is designed to fit into your point of purchase display. We offer a variety of sizes to be able to scent anything from a store shelf promotion to large banners and billboards! By integrating your fragrance and visuals into the design of the product, Aropromo connects the consumer directly to your product and brand, enabling them to truly experience it in a unique and unforgettable way.

Air Aroma at Patterson Dental Tradeshow

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Air Aroma product range was recently proudly displayed at Patterson Dental’s tradeshow in Canada. Guests to the tradeshow were dentists from the Quebec region, including surgeons, nurses and dental suppliers.

The dental industry is no newcomer to the idea of fragrance. They have been important clientele for Air Aroma and the scenting industry for many years and understand the importance of fragrances for patients perceptions of anxiety and wait time.

Forest Scents and Essential Oil Health Benefits

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The forest: clean, fresh air, a quiet atmosphere, and beautiful scenery. There are many reasons to love the outdoors, but did you know that outdoorsy scents like evergreen and cypress could have health benefits? Scientists in Japan have discovered that the scents of nature help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase cancer-fighting proteins in the bloodstream!

Qing Li, an associate professor from the Hygiene and Public Health department at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, studied phytoncides, the name for breathable substances produced by trees and other plants. Dr. Li found a correlation between increased exposure to phytoncides and better health after testing subjects who went on daytrips into the forest. The evidence is so rock solid that research institutes dedicated to this field of study are starting to pop up around the world, including the International Society of Forest Medicine with Qing Li as it’s Secretary General.

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Air Aroma Canada is Launched!

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Air Aroma Canada is today officially launching its website in both local canadian languages at

Air Aroma’s internationally renowned brand and products are now even more accessible and available to Canadians with a local presence that will allow them to develop a closer relationship with the enterprise.

The competitive Canadian economy pushes businesses to differentiate and stand out. The arrival of Air Aroma’s olfactory solution will allow local businesses to obtain a competitive advantage.

Stay up to date with all the latest news from Air Aroma Canada on our local language Blog in both French and English.