Aroma oils

Aroma oils offer the possibility of distinctive and recognizable scents that create memorable experiences with lasting impressions.

Perfume-quality diffusion fragrances that offer a consistent scent are ideal for scent branding purposes. Whether you are a hotelier, retailer, cinema, bank or food outlet, have your brand smelling the same all over the world with Air Aroma - Aroma Oils.

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  • 100% consistent

  • Unlimited scents

  • Made in Australia


Your noses desire

From fruity, fresh or floral to mouthwatering scents of chocolate, coffee or vanilla we have a fragrance to suit every need.

Thanks to the close partnerships with our fragrance suppliers we can provide you with any fragrance imaginable.

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Retail range

  • Vanilla Lace
  • Choc Orange
  • Cinnamon Apple
  • Sencha Adore
  • White Tea
  • Fresh Grass
  • Sencha
  • Lavender Linen
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Twinkle Star
  • Melange Moroc
  • Oriental Blossom
  • Rainforest
  • Thé vert oriental
  • Zesty Champaca
  • Guava Cucumber
  • Frangipani
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Classic Spice
  • Fig Essence
  • Ruby

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