The science

How does Steriwater work?

Airborne odor-causing cigarette and tobacco smoke not only smell bad but also can be harmful to our health. No Smoke Steriwater breaks down the chemical substances and as a consequence they immediately lose their strong chlorine smells and odor.

As soon as the smoke particles come into contact with Steriwater, the formula destroys all smell by degrading the smoke chemicals and ultimately eliminating their aroma. Once the smoke chemicals are broken down the smell is also eliminated.

Steriwater fact

No Smoke Steriwater is proven to destroy many chemical substances which are the main components of tobacco smoke.

Test research

Real world tests, real results.

Odor causing chemicals found in smoke can make people feel uncomfortable, annoyed and can trigger respiratory problems. In addition the chemicals and ingredients found in smoke are a major health risk as they are airborne and can spread quickly and easily in public places.

The below is a list of chemicals which are the main components of tobacco smoke proven to be eliminated by No Smoke Steriwater.

Chemical Substance
Hydrogen Sulfide
Fatty Acids
Nitrogenous Compounds

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