What is No bacteria - Steriwater?

No bacteria Steriwater is scientifically tested and proven to eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses and pathogens. We are constantly exposed to the risk of infections in our day-to-day lives but by using Steriwater the risk is greatly reduced. Enjoy a safe and germ free environment with No Bacteria Steriwater.

No Bacteria. Steriwater.

Made in Japan

No bacteria Steriwater is a 100% Japanese made product, Developed by a highly regarded team of international Doctors and professors at the leading national technology universities in Japan.

100% safe

Steriwater has been scientifically tested and proven to be safe for humans, animals and plants. Tests included draize test, Oral Toxicity Test and Skin Sensitization Test with results concluding no skin or eye irritation. Test reports are available upon request. Steriwater eliminates eliminates bacteria and viruses but is 100% safe for use.

Scientifically proven

No Bacteria Steriwater has been extensively tested by independent laboratories against a large range of bacteria and viruses.

 Tests show Steriwater removes and destroys 99.95% of bacteria and viruses, these include but are not limited to the following list.

No Bacteria. Steriwater.
Bacteria and Viruses
Influenza viruses
Staphylococcus aurus
Escherichia coli
Canine parvovirus
Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Why Steriwater?

Anti bacterial

No Bacteria Steriwater kills nasty bacteria and viruses when combined in Air Aroma's fine mist diffusion delivery systems. We are constantly in contact with millions of microbes such as bacteria and viruses and many other products on the market are simply not strong enough to kill deadly bacteria and instead focus on common household germs. 

No Bacteria Steriwater instantly destroys all viruses and bacteria regardless of their types. No Bacteria Steriwater not only kills the bacteria but also stops the risk of infection.

Anti viral

Public places like airports are busy locations where the risk of expansion of virus contamination is extremely high. The risk of infections and the spread of influenza can be greatly reduced by continually misting No Bacteria Steriwater into all those areas where bacteria and viruses are normally present or spreading like counters, elevators, luggage areas and toilets. 

For the best outcome No Bacteria Steriwater should be diffused with Air Aroma diffuser equipment such as Aroscent, Aroslim and Ecoscent. For home or personal use No Bacteria Steriwater is also available in convenient hand held spray bottles.

No Bacteria. Steriwater.

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