Ecoscent Pro

Powered by Arologic, Ecoscent Pro offers the same functionality as the Aroscent Pro but with the added possibility to connect to the building's HVAC system. The result is a completely discrete way of scenting, improved efficiency while still being able to switch between three different scents.

Ecoscent Pro

Multi fragrance

Multiple scents, any time

Easily switch between fragrances with the click of a mouse right from your web browser. With three different scents to choose from scheduled and automated scenting is made easy with Arologic. Fragrances can be set through the calendar system to start and stop automatically at the chosen time and date to create the perfect ambience.

Multiple scents, any time
3x scents


  • Arologic Ready

  • Up to 5 litre cartridges

  • Connect to HVAC / AC

Scent through air conditioner

Air Aroma fragrance oil is dispersed into a dry mist of microscopic small droplets through pressure of filtered cold air, known as cold air diffusion. This dry mist of fragrance is released into the HVAC ducts sending a consistent scent to the desired areas.

HVAC Ducts

Ecoscent Pro

Ecoscent Pro

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