The Power of Scent...Hockey Style!

It is a well know fact that we Canadians are extremely proud of our national sport, hockey. Born and raised in a country where winters are long and fierce, the typical Canadian learns to skate nearly as soon as he is able to stand on his feet, which is the beginning of an everlasting love story. Since the 2014 NHL playoffs are in full swing, we thought that a post relating hockey and the power of scent would be a good fit.

One cannot tell what we appreciate the most in our game: the extreme speed at which players fly over the ice, the big checks, the desperate saves in key moments, or simply the amazing goals our favorite players manage to score. One thing is sure though, hockey unites every single Canadian in an indescribable manner and makes us go crazy during exciting moments. Indeed, Canada was completely electrified last winter during the Sochi Olympic Games when both our men and women national teams won the gold medal.

You might be wondering what an hockey post has to do on Air Aroma's website. In fact, it has everything to do! It is quite common for professional hockey players to use smelling salts during a game to improve awareness, and thus increase their chances of making a key play. These salts are composed of ammonium carbonate and, for a moment, help your eyes focus better, and make you feel more alert. Even a veteran hockey player such as Teemu Selanne uses these, and you can see by his reaction how powerful this ammonia smell is. (The interesting part starts at the 20th second).

Impressive right?

Now, if you want similar effects without the use of harsh chemicals, we recommend the use of essential oils such as Fresh Eucalyptus, Cardio, or Breathe Easy. They are great natural ways to clear nasal passages up and increase concentration as well as mental awareness.

We also know that hockey has it's own smell, one that every hockey player can relate to, as well as the parents in charge of cleaning the gear of their kids. If you can't stand this sweat smell anymore, we recommend that you use our steriwater No Bacteria, which kills up to 99.95% bacterias and thus effectively fights back bad smells.

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