Promote Results in Fitness Centers with Essential Oils

Located on Quebec City’s main commercial street, Le Club Entrain offers to its members a healthy and energizing environment. This modern and classy gym uses Air Aroma essential oil diffusion in order to stimulate the neurological responses of the body and fight bacterial spread.

Olfactory diffusion is widely used in fitness centers to stimulate clients and help them reach their goals by providing them a healthy environment and thus, encouraging them to come back regularly. With an improved client experience and clients being energized to a higher level, gyms are seeing increased membership growth and customer loyalty.

Le Club Entrain selected Air Aroma’s specially developed range of 100% pure essential oils for the fitness industry in order to scent their gym. The fragrance used is called 'Cardio' and this blend was specifically designed for cardiovascular workouts as it offers notes of peppermint and ginger that have a positive effect on the respiratory system. Moreover, scientific research confirms that essential oils fight and eliminate air borne bacteria, viruses and molds, making it a perfect match for fitness centers. The cold-air diffusion of this fragrance is performed directly through ventilation ducts (HVAC) with the Ecoscent scent delivery system installed at strategic positions.

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To learn more about Le Club Entrain, please visit their website here.


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