Olfactory Diffusion at the National Retail Federation Convention and Expo

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It can be hard for your brand to get noticed amongst all the other participants at a big expo or convention. How can you lure attendees to your location and stand out from the crowd? Draw them in with a scent!

The Javitz Center in New York City is currently hosting the National Retail Federation Annual Convention and Expo from January 12 - 14. At this show, more than 500 vendors showcase their cutting edge products and services designed to improve your business in everything from marketing to sales and beyond. With such big name participants as Amazon, AT&T, eBay, Epson, Google, PayPal, and more, diffusing a fragrance at your booth is a surefire way to draw attention.

Shift4 Corporation, a supplier of credit card processing payment gateways, contacted Air Aroma in the hope of diffusing a beach-y fragrance to match with their booth theme and corporate branding. Working together with our team, a scent was constructed with notes of vanilla bean, toasted coconut, milk accord and light tropical fruit notes. Visit the Shift4 booth and you'll be sure to feel like you're sipping a Piña Colada, laying on the beach in a tropical paradise. Using our patented scent diffusers, they can attract customers within 4,000 sq. feet of their booth!

To find out more about using Air Aroma fragrances at your next convention, please contact us.


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