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Air Aroma now scenting Spoonful, a new Imperial Buffet concept

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When opening Spoonful in Ontario, the owners looked to add scent as a way to enhance customer experience. To match the modern décor and Asian cuisine Air Aroma worked with Spoonful to select a clean, fresh fragrance, welcoming customers to the dining area.

When visiting Spoonful customers will notice a beautiful Chinese green tea fragrance with light green notes with and hint of fruit. For the main buffet area and dining room, Spoonful selected two fragrances Oriental Blossom and Ginger. Oriental Blossom is a lovely blend of Asian florals. This fragrance combines notes of lotus blossom, green violet, white wood, and powdery musk to create an alluring and irresistible scent. Our Ginger fragrance is fresh and spicy, yet simple, with notes of green grass, ginger, and jasmine.

The fragrances have been met with rave reviews, and the staff are thoroughly pleased with Air Aroma's distinctive scents. As Spoonful manager Raingion Kong says,

We use three different aromas inside our restaurant for the buffet, dining, and washroom areas. Customers are very pleased with the scents, and some have asked us for the names of scents we are using. Maintenance is minimal, and the scents last for a long time with a programmed schedule.

You can visit Spoonful's website here.

To purchase Sencha Adore or Oriental Blossom for your use, please visit our webstore.


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