Good technology makes things in life easier and adds value to our lives. Arologic makes it so much easier to control the scent to exactly the right level.

When connected to an Aroscent Pro you will be able to switch between three different scents at any given time of the day or program the entire year in advance.


Arologic allows you to manage a thousand different scent diffusers with ease, right from your desk.

You will love the Arologic interface. Access Arologic by using your favorite web browser and connect to the scent devices you have installed. No more complicated controllers in inaccessible locations, simply operate your Air Aroma scent delivery unit from a desktop computer, laptop or even your phone, anywhere in the world.


1000 devices, 1 system

Your Arologic allows you to control a thousand scenting devices with a possible three thousand scents in your network. Imagine scenting every room in a hotel all from the front desk. Imagine no longer.

Search and find

Lightning-fast live searches across your scenting network to easily locate devices and manage them. Search by location, scent or device type and the desired results will appear.

Scheduled scenting

Arologic makes it possible to automate and schedule your scenting. The built-in calendar gives you options such as which scent, what day, what time at which strength - giving you complete control.

Remote access

If you are not on location, you can manage your scenting remotely. Simply log on to Arologic.com from anywhere in the world and gain access to your fully encrypted Arologic contol unit.

Remote access

Plug & play

Plug &  play

No software required

Arologic runs in your Internet browser, therefore it will work on any Mac or PC Laptop, Desktop or even Mobile device, making it accessible and easy to use for anyone, anywhere.

Easy setup

Setting up your Arologic system couldn't be easier. Plug in your Arologic control unit and you’re ready to go. No software installation is required. To run Arologic simply login with your Internet browser.


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